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Multi-Module Amazon BI Solution

Greenwald Brands

Greenwald Brands is an Ohio-based Amazon wholesaler with more than 10 years in business.

Greenwald Brands sells a multitude of different foods. In order for their business to scale, the Board of Directors of Greenwald Brands have carefully selected their software needs and turned to Deltologic to help them with the Product Design and Development of their custom software.

The solution integrates countless machine-learning mechanisms that assist the client through all relevant business processes they complete throughout the day.

If you are interested in the solution feel free to reach out.

Dayton, Ohio

The project

The project started with building an MVP version that our clients can test internally, as it later on grew into a SaaS product that Amazon sellers all accross the globe use to automate their company processes and exctract the guesswork out of their daily decision making.


The system consists of 4 key elements that all together complete the all-in-one software needed to operate a profitable Amazon seller business.

1. Products scanning and analyzing

2. Optimizing the re-stocking process

3. Warehouse management

4. Replenishments to Amazon FBA


The unique component that guarantees success with choosing winning products in the right quantities is the data-driven recommendations trusted by thousands of FBA sellers who take the guesswork out of staying in stock. The Amazon WarehouseManagement System analyzes more than 70 data points to provide you with timely restock and replenishment suggestions.

What we did
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The team did amazing work on designing the solution. We came up with optimizations we haven't previously though about. Flawless product development agency.

Greenwald Brands
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