about us

We challenge the way software development companies work

We support our clients comprehensively, going far beyond the code. By combining tech expertise with an understanding of local business needs, we develop solutions that not only work but succeed.

Our values

Exceed expectations

Never settle for “good enough” when you know you can and should do better.

Take ownership of every project

Trust your gut and your knowledge, even if you need to question your team leader.

Be brave and take risks

Take risks and make mistakes - that’s how we learn, and how we innovate.

Be ambitious and grow

Work towards career goals and ask how you can help each other.

About Deltologic


We are located in Berlin, Poznań and Sofia

Although our journey started in Germany, over time we have expanded to Poland and Bulgaria and began to cooperate with companies from all over the world.


Run by a team of
30  tech enthusiasts

We are a team of technology enthusiasts specializing in web development, data mining and product design.

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One goal: to deliver the world’s most desirable software solutions

We believe in approaching each project as a potential game-changer and because of that, we support our clients comprehensively, going far beyond the code. Combining tech expertise with an understanding of business needs, we always ensure that the solutions we provide will not only work but succeed.


We make complex solutions simple. And we do it with purpose.

We always focus on tangible results. Each of our solutions is designed to increase productivity and maximize revenue, giving your company a unique competitive edge. We treat cutting-edge technologies as a tool, not a goal. That's why we cut through today's complexity and use whatever technology it takes to get you where you want to be.


Shaping a vision and creating world class experiences

Collaborating with with us will have a lasting impact on your ability to be innovative and execute at a pace. Our team there has a strong focus on not just doing what you ask for but delivering solutions that actually make sense in your specific business scenario.

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