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What is the Selling Partner API?

The Selling Partner API is a REST-based API that enables Amazon selling partners to access their data on listings, orders, payments, reports, and other things programmatically.
Apps utilizing the SP-API can boost sales productivity, cut down on personnel costs, and speed up customer service, all of which will expand your business.

Why should I migrate my app to SP-API?

All of the functionality that was previously offered by Amazon MWS, and more, is now included in the Selling Partner API, which is a modernization of Amazon Marketplace Web Service.
Only the Selling Partner API will receive further development, with Amazon now ceasing the MWS for all third-party solutions.

Jul. 31, 2023

FIRST mws migration deadline

The deactivation of MWS starts on
July 31, 2023!

Because the initial Amazon MWS API sections will be deprecated in July, the migration to the Amazon SP-API is critical.
The 'retirement' of the MWS Merchant Fulfillment, Orders, and Reports API sections will take place on July 31, 2023.
The MWS Products section will come next on Sep. 30, 2023.
All other MWS sections will follow on December 31, 2023.
Amazon will then officially cease the Marketplace Web Service for all 3rd solutions.

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The Advantages of SP-API

The Amazon MWS (Merchant Web Services) API was released before the Amazon SP-API. You probably have no choice but to update if you are a merchant who makes use of a third-party program linked to Amazon.
There is, however, a good reason for it.

Keep access to your data

Those who decide against migrating will no longer have access to the data now transferred using the existing APIs. You should make sure that any program you use as an Amazon seller integrates with the Amazon SP-API.

The last thing you want to do right before the SP-API Migration Deadline is to go shopping for new software!

Retain your app's functionalities

As a Seller, you would not be in sync with Amazon if not for Amazon API. Your efforts to reprice in real-time would be hindered because you wouldn't be informed about new pricing events.

Additionally, your software would be unable to create sales stats, immediately flag up fee changes, or access Amazon's data on FBA shipping and inventory.

Ensure data security

One of the biggest changes related to the Amazon SP-API is that it supports APIs for vendors. Developers are now able to build software specifically for the needs of 1P vendors.

Amazon SP-API also provides stronger data protection and security capabilities with a new tokens API designed to protect personally identifiable information.

Maintain a competitive edge

Notifications for updates to brand listings, MFN order status, and other information are available via the SP-API.

The improved Small and Light support, along with inventory and inbound eligibility checks, will be welcomed by FBA sellers. According to Amazon, the SP-API provides more accurate and consistent sales data.

How can you transfer your app from Amazon MWS to SP-API?

On our Youtube channel, we explain what the Selling Partner API is, and how it differs from Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS).
We also show you how to convert your Amazon MWS application to a Selling Partner API application in 5 steps.
Click on the thumbnail to watch the whole tutorial!
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