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a Deltologic Project

WMS and Logistics Management Solution

Client 1 (NDA)

Due to our non-disclosure agreement, we can't provide you with detailed information about the company. Our client is a leading German insulation manufacturer.  The company employs more than 300 people and produces 700.000mᶟ of insulation annually. The project's goal was to improve company's logistical efficiency by designing and developing an intuitive, easy-to-use transportation management system.


The Project

The project's goal was to improve the working efficiency through digitalization by automating processes that were executed manually as well as integrating the new system with the client's existing ERP solution.

The Challenges

As a result, we constructed a custom web app and a database containing operational data regarding products, warehouses, truckfleet, and their detailed specifications. The system is synchronised with Abas Enterprise Resource Planning and E-Business Application; therefore, it is not colliding with any of the tools previously appropriated by the company.

The Result

Our logistics software operates in both offline and online modes and includes a built-in authentication system. Drivers use it daily to register the cargo, inform about upcoming deliveries, and receive notifications about potential truck overload. The system enables the warehouse employees to monitor the current inventory levels, stock movements and shipments. It further allows them to generate PDF and CSV reports comprising all of the operational data mentioned earlier. Furthermore, we created an invoice generator for the Swiss subsidiary of the company. It contains advanced text-recognition algorithms and an automated content manipulation system. Thanks to our generator, the company can now automatically process, format, distribute and archive all types of invoices in multiple languages.

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