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Integrated E-Commerce Store


Wunderpen is a Berlin-based company that, utilizing high-tech robots, turns digital notes into letters. Thanks to our B2B e-commerce system, Wunderpen's pen-wielding machines can convert typed-out notes into physical letters. Those are then automatically sent to robots which learn the client's handwriting and write the notes on stationery the customer selects.

Berlin, Germany

The project

After the initial software development consultations with Peter Lecour, Wunderpen's CEO, we concluded that to automate the whole process of ordering, printing, and shipping, postcards, we will need to develop an all-in-one system covering all of their business operations.


We began work by diving the different stages of their business:

  • Receiving a client order
  • Assigning a project manager to process the order and consult with the client
  • Manually inputting the order data in an excel file
  • Sending the excel file to the printer
  • Printing and sending the cards to the customer


After extensive product designing consultations we created the following project achitecture:

  1. Developing a custom online store (Desktop and Mobile version) where clients can place their orders
  2. An innovative AI solution is reading the clients CRM and is automatically assigning the names and addresses of the recipients
  3. The store is connected with Wunderpen's internal sales system and ERP and it automaticallt redicrects the order info
  4. After an order is approved by the sales team, the order data is automatically aggregated and sent to the printers

After implementing the new workflow the process is taking 10x less time and is completely eliminating the risk of human error.

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