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Automated Online Car Auction Website

Swiss Auto

Swiss Auto is a renowned Switzerland-based vehicle importer. Now operating for over ten years, the company specialises in purchases and transportation of damaged, salvaged vehicles.

Zürich, Switzerland

The Project

Following our initial consultations, we decided to design and develop an advanced car auction website to expand the capabilities of Swiss Auto and increase the value of its services.

Our vision was to enable the company's clients to participate in live automobile auctions and bidding and turn it into a sound, user-friendly experience.

The Challenges

In order to develop Swiss Auto's new website, together with all of its additional features, we implemented web scrapers with automatic data synchronisation. Their purpose is to simultaneously gather details from multiple Swiss insurance and leasing companies, as well as bailiff auctions.

The Result

The website is now automatically updated and populated with over 100 unique vehicles, ranging from motorbikes to trucks and buses. This process takes place on a daily basis, and thanks to the implementation of web scrapers, the employees save hours on manual auction creation and input of vehicle information.

An intuitive admin panel enables the employees to manage the website's users, live auctions and past data. They also receive automatic e-mail notifications about new bids and offers. The users can create profiles, search and sort the auctions, take part in live bidding, as well as estimate the final vehicle's price through a calculator.

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