How we work

5 Steps to a perfect solution

Client-centric, flexible and fully tailored to your needs - that’s what our development process is like

1. Identifying your needs and project scope

During our initial consultations, we want to get to know you and gain insight into your company’s background, vision and product idea. Once we examine your business needs in-depth, we identify the project’s overall scope and determine its essential functionalities, goals and ways of achieving them. Here we also answer your questions and inform you about the predicted project cost.

2. Project kick-off

Project kick-off is a series of internal meetings meant to establish a responsible project team and get it to the bottom of your vision, needs and expectations. We share the previously collected information and distribute the tasks. Moreover, we choose a Project Manager accountable for communication and mitigation of project-related risks that could get in the way of delivering a product on time and budget.

3. UX/UI workshops

Throughout the third stage, we carry out collaborative sessions during which we discuss the system’s design together with you and your team. Next, based on your comments and our recommendations, we decide on one that fully satisfies the needs of you and your clients - to ensure that the system is transparent, efficient, and practical in everyday use.

4. Design and development

It is during this phase that we bring all of your ideas to life. Our development team builds the system and connects its features with the designed interface. Working across various platforms and technologies, we always guarantee to employ the best software development practices, such as Quality Assurance, Unit Testing, CI/CD, staging process, and extensive documentation.

5. Training and maintenance

Following the successful development and implementation of the project, we conduct training sessions to ensure it’s efficient and accessible by employees from day one. Our team provides ongoing support, helping with the project’s maintenance and answering all your inquiries. If needed, we are always there to develop the project further by modifying it or adding extra functionalities.

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