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Business management web app for an innovative Texas-based remote vehicle diagnostic software company.

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VSSTA is an innovative Texas-based remote vehicle diagnostic software company. It utilises the latest technologies to bridge the gap between tools, management systems and procedures in the collision repair industry.

The Project

Cooperating with VSSTA, we developed a complex dashboard used by the company's users to handle their day-to-day operations. We built a custom FTP script that downloads, reads and analyses multiple PDF files to gather the scanners' data from various external sources.

We have also synchronised our system with numerous management solutions - CCC ONE, CCCm Rome, Nexysis and CC3. Moreover, we integrated it with QuickBooks API to handle all incoming invoice data.

The Result

Thanks to our web app, all of the VSSTA's clients now have access to aggregated, standardised data uploaded automatically from all of their diagnostic scanners. This input contains the number of performed scans, calibrations and reprogramming information, among others.

The managers also gained access to live sales data, revenue tracking, employee management dashboard, invoice generator, and other reporting tools.

To this day, Deltologic cooperates closely with the company's C-level management and oversees the further development of the system's backend and infrastructure.

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