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Wunderpen is a Berlin-based B2B service provider. It produces hand-written postcards, invitations and letters at scale, utilising advanced robotic and software technologies.

Pricing calculator for an innovative manufacturing company

Wunderpen needed to improve the process of estimating the prices of its numerous products and services. To make those estimations easier and more efficient, we decided to design and build a custom pricing calculator for Wunderpen's employees as well as its prospective customers.

During our initial meeting, we determined that the calculator should allow the company's employees to manage and edit the factors that determine the final price estimation and have an overview of the calculations performed by the clients. We also decided to embed the calculator into Wunderpen's website to engage the customers and simplify the purchase process.

Saving employees' time while attracting more clients

In the end, we create two versions of the calculator. The internal one is used by Wunderpen's sales representatives and contains a form, editable list of price factors, and customer data. It also enables them to export all of the users' calculations data into an Excel spreadsheet or text format.

On the other hand, the customer calculator includes only a limited set of price factors; however, it is more visual and user friendly as it intends to draw in clients.

The calculator was developed using Django, a Python web framework suitable for fast software delivery. It runs on Heroku, a battle-tested way of delivering production software. It also allowed us to cut the development time to only two weeks.

Tech Stack

Python, Django, Heroku, Postgresql

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