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Facebook Ads API


NÜ4 Automation is a Mexico-based company specialising in robotic process automation (RPA). Their mission is to enable organisations to increase productivity by automating all repetitive tasks using bots. Through NÜ4's services, its clients can intelligently and effectively optimise business processes by combining human and robot activities.

Automatization of Facebook marketing campaigns

For this project, NU4IT needed support with web development and Facebook marketing automation. We had a precisely defined goal — to develop a web app that allows Facebook marketers to rapidly experiment with their Facebook Ads parameters.

After the initial consultations, we established that the app should allow its users to:

1. Log in and log out with Facebook.
2. Observe, review and analyse their ad campaigns, ad sets and singular ads.
3. Schedule, customise and create new campaigns.
4. Create a config that defines multiple ad sets at once, publishes them and allows for performance monitoring.
5. Create an ad for those ad sets and run the experiments
6. Monitor experiments' results

Improving the productivity of marketers through a custom app

After one month, we have delivered the solution, together with all user stories. At the time, it has been launched to over 200 marketers worldwide and allowed them to accelerate their ad campaigns and experimentation.

Tech stack

Facebook API. JavaScript, Python, Django, Heroku, Postgresql

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