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Python Developer

€2000 - €3000

We are currently looking for a full-time Python developer.

Our offer:

- Fully remote work with an emphasis on autonomous & asynchronous schedules. You can also work from our offices in Poznań, Berlin and Sofia.
- Flexibility of your schedule and engagement. Working at Deltologic is 100% performance-based.
- We commit to writing the cleanest code possible.
- We strive to keep documentation from other projects to learn together.

Experience needed:

- You worked on & delivered multiple Python projects to the production.
- You write tests. A lot of them.
- You are proficient with most parts of our stack (doesn’t have to be complete): Python, Django, Heroku, AWS (mostly beanstalk, s3, RDS), REST, Celery, Redis.
- You are comfortable picking new tools on the go (occasional serverless, k8s, GCP, node.js).
- You are a great writer, both for asynchronous communication & content creation.
- (Huge bonus, but not necessary) You feel comfortable publishing blog posts on our blog under your name.
- (Huge bonus, but not necessary) You are an active YouTuber or open-source contributor.

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