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Thanks for your interest in our company! We're a software agency on a mission to help businesses selling on marketplaces take their operations to the next level through innovation and technology. We understand that one-size-fits-all approaches simply don't work and that's exactly why we put focus on fully custom solutions.

We're really passionate about helping our clients achieve their full potential through modern technology. We're not just a software agency, we're a team of tech enthusiasts who are always pushing the boundaries and finding new and creative ways to help our clients succeed.

We love what we do, and we're not afraid to share our knowledge.
That's why we run a blog and YouTube channel, where we share our insights and educate others on the potential of software & automations.

With over 100 successful projects under our belt, you can trust that we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

Our Values

The 6 values that stand behind Deltologic


Open and honest communication with both our team and clients based on trust, accountability and mutual respect.


Staying at the forefront of the industry and continuously improving our solutions while utilizing the newest technologies.


Creating long-term partnerships with our clients and team members by actively working together towards shared goals.


Publishing resources that help people stay up-to-date with the latest developments in software, automation & online sales.


Developing meaningful projects that positively impact our clients and make a difference in the industry as a whole.


Building a team of ambitious and skilled people who are constantly developing themselves in their areas of expertise.

Our Story

Years of successful software development


Beginnings as the "Self Made" agency

The year 2020 marked the inception of our small yet ambitious software development company, which started out as "Self Made".

The company was founded by two friends who shared a passion for technology and a dream of creating meaningful solutions.
Despite the lack of resources and fundings, we set out to bring our vision to life. Starting from scratch, we had to be resourceful and adaptive in order to overcome the obstacles that came our way.

We leveraged innovation to bring our projects to life, and soon gained a reputation for delivering high-quality software solutions.

Rebranding to Deltologic and building a team

The following year, our company underwent a major changes, both in terms of its name and its team.

We changed the company's name from Self Made to Deltologic, signifying its evolution. Along with the rebranding, the company made its first hires and started building its team. This allowed us to expand our services and start cooperating with a wider range of clients, including many startups and Fortune 500 companies.

The team's combined expertise and drive allowed our company to quickly establish itself in the software development industry.

Niching down to marketplace solutions

The year 2022 was a time of growth and further specialization for our company. After successfully establishing ourselves as a software agency we began collaborating with universities and institutes to research the Amazon's algorithms.

Through these partnerships, our team was able to gain unique insights and know-how and decided decided to focus its efforts on a new niche: software and automations for Marketplace Sellers.

In addition to our new focus, we also continued to grow the team and expand our market reach, growing by over 200%.

Rapid growth and products development

As of 2023, we are already experiencing rapid growth and new beginnings. We have firmly established ourselves as leaders in the marketplace software industry and continue to build on our success by developing even more innovative custom solutions.

One of the key developments of 2023 is our push into developing our own Amazon software products. We design them to be affordable and accessible to everyone, while also offering advanced customization options. Our goal is to level the playing field and make top-notch software available to every Amazon seller, even if they can't afford to go with our fully custom solutions.

Global expansion and new technologies

As we look towards 2024 and beyond, we have set our sights on becoming the global go-to experts in the marketplace software industry and making our presence known in new global markets.

We want to expand our reach by further opening ourselves up to South America and Asia and developing even more solutions for Sellers on platforms such as Mercado Libre, Rakuten, and Tmall.

As we already see that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses sell on marketplaces, we also aim to further develop our know-how in this field and implement it in our solutions.

Our Team

Meet our amazing team

Get to know the team that makes everything happen! From engineers to project managers and marketing specialists, each member plays a critical role in our success. Scroll down and get to know the faces behind our work.

Jakob Wolitzki│Co-Founder
Jakob is a Co-Founder of Deltologic and uses his coding skills to build our YouTube channel where he teaches Sellers about programming. He also takes care of marketing and sales.
Kris Krokos│Co-Founder
As a co-founder of Deltologic, Kris takes care of the company's day-to-day operations and management. He is responsible for internal processes and business development.
Raffy Kumruyan│Head of PM
As the Head of Project Management, Raffy is responsible for overseeing the development of software projects. His work consists of setting project goals, tracking progress and budgets.
Jakub Riegel│Chief Technology Officer
Jakub oversees all of Deltologic's technical processes. Starting from technical planning and consulting with clients to leading our engineering team in delivering new solutions.
Arek Janowski│Software Engineer
As a full-stack developer, Arek programs both the server part of the project (backend) and the user interface (frontend). He also takes care of cloud deployments on the AWS.
Ewa Nowak│Social Media Manager
With a passion for digital marketing, Ewa creates content for our social media accounts such as Instagram and LinkedIn. She is also responsible for editing our YouTube videos.
Robert Lange│Frontend Developer
Robert has a great passion for creating visually appealing websites and applications, and a proven track record of delivering interfaces that meet the needs of end-users.
Jaroslaw Kmiotek│Software Engineer
Jarek is a full-stack developer, which means he works on every aspect of a project - from backend to frontend, databases and dev-ops. He also takes care of our cloud infrastructure.
Bruno Maruszczak│Frontend Developer
Being a Frontend Developer, Bruno's main goal is to make using our solutions convenient, and enjoyable. Besides his technical expertise, he also has a creative eye for UI design.
Damian Moźniak│Software Engineer
Damian is a software engineer passionate about delivering innovative software solutions. With a background in frontend, he is able to create dynamic, user-friendly web apps.
Patrycja Malicka│Junior Project Manager
Patrycja is a driven Jr. Project Manager. With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of PM best practices, she is able to keep projects on track and ensure that deadlines are met.
Piotr Karwan│Backend Developer
As a Backend Developer, Piotr is responsible for building the structure that makes the system work in a safe and consistent way. He is an expert at developing scalable solutions.
Oskar Jerzyk│Software Engineer
Being a software engineer, Oskar uses his technical expertise to deliver great custom solutions. He has an ability to turn complex problems into simple automations.
Hania Wierus│Junior UX/UI Designer
Hania is a talented Jr. UX/UI designer responsible for designing the interfaces of our software solutions. She consistently delivers designs that are both aesthetic and functional.
Kacper Sawicz│Machine Learning Engineer
As a ML Engineer, Kacper has a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and a passion for solving complex problems utilizing powerful machine learning solutions.
Rafal Szymaniak│Software Engineer
Rafal is a talented software engineer with a focus on automations. His passion is turning manual, time-consuming tasks into streamlined, automated processes,
Ivaylo Kaloyanov│Amazon Consultant
Ivaylo is an experienced Business Consultant helping businesses succeed on Amazon and other marketplaces. In his free time, he enjoys studying the SP-API documentation. 😉
Maciej Stachowicz │UX/UI Designer
Maciej is a skilled UX/UI designer with a passion for creating user-centered experiences. He is able to turn very complex design challenges into user-friendly interfaces.
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